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Current News for the Academic Session 2018-19

  1. Gandhi Jayanti was celebrated on 2nd Oct 2018.
  2. Regional Level SBSB Training was organised from 31.10.18 to 03.11.18
  3. Community Lunch was organised on 17.11.18
  4. House display competion was conducted.

Current News for the Academic Session 2017-18

  1. Mr. Omveer Singh joined as  PRT on 13/10/2017.
  2. Mr. Maam Chand & Jayanti Lal joined as PRT on 21/10/2017.
  3. Mr. Sandeep Bisht PGT (CS) has transfered on 03/11/2017 from this Vidyalaya.
  4. House Display board competition has been conducted on 30/11/2017 under CCA Activities.


Current News for the Academic Session 2012-13

  • Hon'ble Avinash Dixit, Commissioner, KVS will Inaugurate new Vidyalaya building on 10/04/2013
  • Adoption of new school uniform from the session 2013-14
  • Visit Academics menu for Split-up syllabus 2013-14
  • Admission form for Class-I is available in Vidyalaya and can be collected during working days/hours. Visit Academics menu Admission guidelines for Policy and Admission schedule.

News For the Academic Session 2012-13

  • Academic result for the session has been given on 28/03/2013
  • Fancy dress competition has been organised in Primary & Secondary Section on 3/11/2012
  • Mr.Rajnish Kamal has joined this vidyalaya as Principal on 15-10-2012
  • Autumn break is from 19-10-2012 to 28-10-2012( 10 Days) School will reopen on 29-10-2012
  • 11/10/2012-2nd PTA meeting has been organised.
  • Fees collection for the quarter-3 (Oct-Dec 2012 is on 05-10-2012 and 10-10-2012
  • Celebration of Hindi pakhwada from 14th to 28th September 2012
  • Summative Assessment-I from 10-09-2012 to to 22-09-2012
  • Poster manking(Primary), Rangoli making(Secondary) Competitions were organised on 1-09-2012 under CCA
  • Mono Acting Competition was organized in Primary & Secondary section on 25-08-2012
  • Group Song(Primary section), Greeting card making(Secondary section) Competition were organized on 18-08-12 under CCA
  • Mr. Vishnu Kumar Sharma TGT(S.St) has taken over the charge of I/C Principal of this vidyalaya.
  • Dr. Sanjay Kumar, Principal has been transfered on 16-08-2012 from this Vidyalaya.
  • 66th Independence day has been celebrated in Vidylaya on 15-08-2012.
  • PTA meeting was held on 08/08/2012 to discuss FA-I result
  • English poem recitition(Primary section), Solo dance(Secondary section) Competition were organized on 04-08-12 under CCA
  • Hindi calligraphy (Primary section), English poem recitition ( Secondary section) competition were organized on 28-07-2012 under CCA
  • Paper cutting/folding (Primary section) Drawing (Secondary section) competition were organized on 21-07-2012 under CCA
  • Mr. Ajay Prakash Arya PRT has joined vidyalaya as regular teacher on 16/07/2012
  • Mr. Vishnu Kumar Sharma TGT(Social Study) has joined vidyalaya as regular teacher on 12/07/2012
  • Greeting card making (primary section) and Group song (secondary section) competition were organized under CCA on 07/07/2012
  • Mr. Dinesh kumar Yadav(TGT WE) has been transfered on 03-07-2012 from this vidyalaya
  • Mr. Gurmeet Singh(TGT Sci.), Md. Shamimuddin(PRT), Mr Sandeep Kamble(PRT), Mr. B M Khedkar(PRT) has been transfered on 15-05-2012 fromthis vidyalaya.
  • Hindi calligraphy(Secondary section) and Drawing(Primary section) competition were organized on 05/05/2012.
  • First round academic inspection was done as per scheduled under the leadership of Mr. Anil kumar Sharma AC, KVS(RO) Tinsukia and Mr. V.K.Solanki ,Principal KV Dibrugarh on 04/05/2012
  • English essay writing(Primary section) Solo song (secondary section) were organized on 28/04/2012
  • English calligraphy competition (secondary section) and solo song competition were organised under  CCA on 21/4/2012
  • Fire fighting demonstration was organized by AFS in the vidyalaya on the occassion of fire service week on 16/4/2012.
  • New academic session 2012-13  begins  from 01/04/2012
  • KV, AFS Mohanbari is now under KVS Regional Office Tinsukia from Academic session 2012-13 onwards.

Current news for the Academic Session 2011-12

  1. Drawing competition ( IST TO  X) on flight safety  will be organised on 19/11/2011 by Air force Mohanbari.
  2. Community lunch will be organised on 19/11/2011.
  3. Master Soumya Shaw of Class- VII  is selected for National level NCSC-2011. Congratulations !
  4. National science Olympaid  was  conducted on 17/11/2011  in which 79 students participated.
  5. fancy dress competition was organised under children's day celebration on 14/11/2011.
  6. Debate competition was organised for class IX and X under national  education day 2011 on 11/11/2011.
  7. Vigilance Awareness week 2011 was celebrated from 31st Oct,2011 to 5th November,2011 . Various activities like Drama , Skit, Speech as well as Poster making  was organised  during this week.
  8. Rangoli making competition was organised in secondary section on 29/10/2011.
  9. Hindi calligraphy was organised on 22/10/2011 for secondary section.
  10. Elocution competition was organised under National education   day 2011 on 21/10/2011.
  11. Mono acting competition was organsied on 15/10/2011 for secondary section.
  12. Greeting card making competition was organised on 1/10/2011 for secondary section.
  13. Poem recitation competition was organsied on 03/09/2011 for secondary section.
  14. Mrs. Pooja Gandotra joined vidyalaya as TGT(Maths) on 15/09/2011 (F/N).
  15. Hindi Pakhwada will be celebrated from 14/09/2011 to 28/09/2011.
  16. NCO Exam was held on 08/09/2011. 08 students participated inthis exam.
  17. VMC Meeting was organised on 30/08/2011  in the library.
  18. School level science exhibition was organsied on 29/08/2011 in library.
  19. Solo dance competition (secondary section) was organised on 27/08/2011 under CCA Activity.
  20. Date Sheet of Summative  Assesment -1 for class III to X  is scheduled from 12/09/2011 to 20/09/2011.
  21. Bhram Kumari team organised a meditation program and a talk on moral vaalues (Patience) on 06/08/2011.
  22. Drawing competition  was organised in primary section under CCA on 06/08/2011.
  23. Solo song competition (Secondary section) and Solo dance competition (Primary)  has been organised  on  23/07/2011.
  24. Group song competition has been organized in on  16/07/2011 in secondary section.
  25. Mr. Ram Nivas Meena joined as TGT(SST)   on transfer.
  26. English essay writing competition for both primary and secondary section  has been  organised on 02/07/2011  under CCA Activities.
  27. Formative  Assesment -1: 2011-12   is scheduled  from 25/07/2011 to 30/07/2011 .
  28. Mr. R.K.Jha, Librarian  has been relieved on 30/06/2011.
  29. MR. Anand Pathak, TGT(ENGLISH)  joined our vidyalaya on 29/06/2011.
  30. Mr. Vijay kumar Sahu ,TGT(MATHS)  and Mr. Satya Narayan Kumawat, TGT(SANSKRIT)  joined our vidyalaya  on 28/06/2011.
  31. Mr. J.K.Singh, TGT(MATHS) and Mr. L.S.MEENA, TGT(SANSKRIT) has been relieved on 27/06/2011  .
  32. Summer Vacation will be from 09/05/2011 (Monday) to 27/06/2011 (Monday) .The vidyalaya will re-open  on 28/06/2011 . Vidyalaya timming will be 7 :30 a.m to  1:40 p.m.
  33. English Caligraphy competition for secondary section  was organised  on 23/04/2011.
  34. Fire demonstration by fire fighting team of IAF Mohanbari was organised  on 11/04/2011 during morning assembly.
  35. House distribution done from class I to Class X on 02/04/2011 during CCA  period.
  36. New Academic session 2011-12 will start from 01/04/2011.

Current News for the Academic Session 2010-2011

  1. Date sheet for secondary school examination-2011......Click here for detail
  2. Farewell to board students by students of IX Class on 22/02/2011.
  3. Quiz competition for secondary section was organized on 19/02/2011.
  4. IIIrd Pre-board is scheduled to be conducted from 15/02/2011 to 21/02/2011.
  5. Schedule for Summative Assesment -II ...... Click for detail.
  6. Walk in interview for part time contractual teachers  is scheduled to be held on 02/03/2011 from 08:30 am onwards at KV,AFS Mohanbari.....Click for detail information.
  7. PTAmeeting with parents of class X students held on 5/02/2011 in vidyalaya library based on the assesment of performance of their wards in pre-board 1 & 2 exam held from 11/01/2011 to 19/01/2011 and27/01/2011 to 04/02/2011 respectively.
  8. II Pre-board for X std is scheduled to be held  w.e.f from 27/01/2011 to 4/02/2011.
  9. II academic inspection was conducted on 22/01/2011.
  10. School level 1st Pre-board for board class(X) is scheduled to be held  w.e.f from 11/01/2011 to 19/01/2011.
  11. II VMC Meeting is scheduled to be held on 05/01/2011 at 11:30 A.M  in the Library.
  12. Medical checkup from class Ist to X Completed.
  13. Winter Break from 23/12/2010 to02/01/2011.
  14. Annual Sports day celebration is scheduled to be held  on 18/12/2010 (Time: 9:00 A.M) at Air force Ground.
  15. Study material of Std X  was distributed to board classes on 08/12/2010.
  16. Mono Acting Competition for Secondary section was organised on 04/12/2010.
  17. Progress report will be shown to Primary section from III to V on 04/12/2010.
  18. Parent’s teacher meeting for Board class  is scheduled on 03/12/2010 at 11:30 A.M in Library.
  19. Progress report will be shown to secondary section from VI to X on 03/12/2010.
  20. Formative Assessment -3 for classes III to X is scheduled to be held  from 22/11/2010 to 27/11/2010.
  21. Mr. Lal Singh Charan Joined as TGT (Hindi) on 09/11/2010.
  22. S.A -1 Re-test is scheduled to be held  w.e.f from 25/10/2010 to 30/10/2010
  23. Greeting card making competition (Sec.) and Rangoli making competition (Pri.) was organised on 23/10/2010.
  24. Progress report will be shown on 04/10/2010 (I & II), 05/10/2010 (III TO V) and 06/10/2010 (VI TO X).
  25. Rally in the AFS campus was organised in context of Mahatma Gandhi Jayanti (Non- Violence day).
  26. Group dance competition was organised on 25/09/2010.
  27. Summative assessment -1 is scheduled to be held w.e.f from 13/09/2010 to 18/09/2010
  28. Sourav Borah of Std IX is selected for KVS National level cricket under 16.
  29. Hindi pakhwada was celebrated from 14/08/2010 to 28/08/2010.
  30. English poem recitation competition was organised on 28/08/2010.
  31. Solo dance competition (secondary) was organised on 21/08/2010.
  32. Group song competition (primary) was organised on 21/08/2010.
  33. English Essay writing Competition (sec.) and Preparation of Group song (Primary) to be scheduled on 07August, 2010 under CCA Period.
  34. Regional Level Social Science Exhibition is scheduled on 25 th & 26 th Oct, 2010.
  35. Cluster level Social Science Exhibition is scheduled on 3 rd & 4 th September, 2010 at Cluster I/C KV.
  36. Remedial Classes for class –X have been started for all subjects w.e.f 04/08/2010
  37. Vidyalaya level Science Exhibition will be organized on 20 th August, 2010 in School Library.
  38. Regional level Science Exhibition will be organized on 8 th & 9 th September, 2010 at K.V, Duliajan.
  39. 1 st KVS Junior Science Olympiad examination 2010 was held on 01/08/2010 at K.V, Mohanbari.
  40. Cluster level Meeting of Principals for Common Minimum Programme (CMP) was held on 26 th July, 2010.
  41. Md. Salim Ali (LDC) has been transferred from this Vidyalaya to KV, Duliajan.
  42. Solo song competition for primary was organized under CCA on 24 th July, 2010.
  43. P.T.A Meeting was organized on 23th July, 2010 for class III to VIII.
  44. IIT Technothlon 2010 examination was held on 18/07/2010 (Sunday) in Vidyalaya Campus. Total 49 students from class IX and X were appeared.
  45. Drawing Competition (Sec.) and English story telling (Primary) was organized under CCA on 17 th July, 2010.
  46. First Unit Test/Formative Assesment-1 is to be conducted from 12/07/2010 to 17/07/2010.
  47. Extempore speech (English) Competition (sec. section) and Poem recitation (English) for primary was organized under CCA on 03 July, 2010.
  48. Solo song Competition (Sec. Section) and Drawing completion (Pri. Section) was organized under CCA on 26 th June, 2010.
  49. Mrs.S.Mamgain TGT (SST), Mr. R.Khare TGT (Eng), Mr.V.K.Verma TGT (Hindi) has been transferred from this Vidyalaya.
  50. Greeting card making competition was organized for primary section under CCA on 24 th April, 2010.
  51. English Calligraphy Competition was organized for primary and secondary section under CCA on 17 th April, 2010.
  52. House wise distribution of primary and secondary students was done on 03 April, 2010.

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